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The Maryland Native Plant Society

The Maryland Native Plant Society

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Maryland Native Plant Society
P.O. Box 4877
Silver Spring, MD 20914


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Find Us on Facebook: go to MNPS's Facebook page

MNPS on Facebook
For anyone on Facebook (members and nonmembers) MNPS has two pages that we encourage you to "like" and "follow"

The MNPS Facebook page we post articles, events, and information that we think are interesting. We welcome your  comments and questions as well!   

MNPS Facebook Discussion Group

This MNPS Facebook group for all people interested in discussing native plants. In this group, post comments, questions, and photos that will encourage discussion about Maryland's Native Plants and their habitats.

Plant Identification Help

The Plants To Identify Facebook Page is a wonderful resource. Local experts, plus others from around the world, can identify almost any plant found on earth! Post a slear photo of flowers and/or leaves, state the location found (remember this is a global page) and any habitat or growth information. Within minutes, you may have the answer!

The list,, is intended for chat between all folks interested in the native flora of the MD, DC,and VA areas. This list is set up in conjunction with the Virginia Native Plant Society. It is open to members of both organizations as well as others interested in the topics being discussed. The discussion covers many of the interesting questions and issues concerning native plants. The list is unmoderated.

You can join this list by clicking You can also post messages and unsubscribe from the list at this same location.

Once you are a member, messages can also be posted directly to the list by e-mailing them to:

You can also unsubscribe from the list by sending an e-mail, with nothing written in the body of the message, to

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MNPS is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated in Maryland.
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