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Volume 11 Number 2

Editor's Letter
Invasive Grasses in Focus
Survey of Known Plant Extinctions
Grant Report: Invasive Impacts of Miscanthus sinensis
Landscaping with Native Plants
Mountain Maryland Notes
Book Review
Poison Fruit: Plant ID Quiz

Volume 11 Number 1

  • Year of the Grasses
    • Wildflower in Focus: Deer Tongue
    • Take a Gander at Grasses
    • Common MD Grasses
    • Phragmites
  • Adkins Arboretum, Report on Grant project
  • Wild Ones Chesapeake
  • New Director Emeritus
  • Events
  • Conference: From Marshes to Meadows, Exploring Maryland's Grasslands
  • Partnership


Volume 10, Number 2. Mailed November 2019. 

  • President's Letter
  • Spotted Lanternfly

  • Keystone Plants

  • Beebee Tree

  • Sligo Creek

  • Wildflower in Focus: Entire-leaf Yellow False Foxglove, Aureolata laevigata

  • Conference Highlights

  • Upcoming Events
Volume 10, Number 1
  • President's Letter
  • MNPS Needs You-Volunteer Opportunities
  • Wildflower in Focus-Squawroot
  • MNPS Conference
  • Parasitic Plants
  • Research Grants Awarded
  • Help DNR Track Watch List Plants
  • Mountain MD Notes
  • Upcoming Events


Volume 9, Number 2
  • President's Letter
  • Welcome New Board Members
  • Wildflower in Focus (Asclepias syriata)
  • Concerned About Pollinators?
  • Microbes and Tree Diversity
  • Maryland Mountain Report
  • Gunpowder Conservancy
  • Plant ID Quiz
  • Events
  • Volume 9, Number 1 (3.6 MB)
    • President’s Letter
    • Research Grants Awarded
    • Wildflower in Focus: Asclepias lanceolata Smooth Orange Milkweed
    • O' Where are the Pines of Piney Branch
    • MNPS Conference
    • Maryland Mountain Chapter
    • Prince George's-Anne Arundel Chapter Update
    • Plant Quiz
    • Upcoming Events
    • Help DNR Track Watchlist Plants



  • Volume 7, Number 2 (1.5 MB pdf)
    • Letter from Co-presidents & Editor
    • Native Gardening Guide
    • Conifer in Focus (pdf)
    • MNPS Conference: Maryland's Forgotten Bogs and Pine Barrens
    • Maryland Biodiversity Project
    • State Wildlife Action Plan
    • Invasives
    • The Elms
    • Native Plant Regulations


  • Volume 6, Number 2 (1.3 MB pdf)
    • Letter from the President
    • Research Grants-Deadline August 17
    • Wildflower in Focus: Virginia Creeper
    • MNPS Conference Announcement
    • Letters from our Readers
    • Plant Quiz
    • The Role of Genotypes
    • Book Announcement: American Botanical Paintings: Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic, Bonnie S. Driggers, ed.
    • Do Vines Kill Trees?
    • Deer Population Management
  • Volume 6 Number 1 (997 KB pdf)
    • Letter from the President
    • Grants Awarded
    • Wildflower in Focus – Vines
    • Lichens Our Neglected and Imperiled Natives by Dr. James Lendemer
    • 'Hope & Reality for Urban Ecosystems,' by Rod Simmons
    • Book Review: The Living Landscape by Richard Darke and Doug Tallamy
    • Ann Lundy In Memorium
    • Book Announcement: A Year in Rock Creek Park: The Wild, Wooded Heart of Washington, DC by Melanie Choukas-Bradley
    • Plant ID Quiz


  • Volume 5 Number 2 (1.0 MB pdf)
    • Year of the Rose / Wildflower in Focus: Black Cherry, Prunus serotina
    • Member profile: Cris Fleming
    • Plant ID Quiz
    • Green Roofs
    • Fall Conference
  • Volume 5 Number 1 
    • Year of the Rose / Wildflower in Focus: Spirea
    • Maryland Botanical Heritage Workgroup
    • Plant ID Quiz
    • Watershed Update: Ten Mile Creek Watershed
    • Plant Rescues: Pros and Cons
    • Conservation Watch: Serpentine Restoration at Robert E. Lee Park


  • Volume 4 Number 3. (2.59 MB)
    • Grant Awarded for Urban Biodiversity Project
    • Year of the Heath / Wildflower in Focus: Wintergreen
    • Hybrids, Cultivars & Ecovars
    • Plant ID Quiz
    • Photos from the Fall Conference
    • Field Trips are Our Core
    • MNPS On-line
    • Conservation Watch: Ten Mile Creek
    • Wildlands Possible
    • 2014 Board Nominees Bios
  • Volume 4 Number 2.  (1.28 MB)
    • Year of the Heath / Wildflower in Focus: Indian Pipe
    • Wavy-Leaf Basket Grass
    • Conservation Watch: Mattawoman Creek
    • Phenology and Floral Visitors of Lithospermum virginianum L. Barrows, et al.
    • Research Grants Available
    • Win Conference Tickets
    • Monthly Programs & Field Trips
  • Volume 4 Number 1. 
    • Year of the Heath / Wildflower In Focus: Mountain Laurel
    • Letter from the President
    • Research Grant Program
    • List of Maryland Heaths
    • Artist Portrait: Tina Thieme Brown
    • Conservation Watch: Robert E. Lee Park
    • Field Trips
    • Monthly Programs
    • Book Announcement:Flora of Virginia
    • Plant ID Quiz



  • Volume 2 Issue 2 pdf, 1.2 MB)
    • Celebrating the “Year of the Fern” Fern in Focus: New York Fern (pdf)
    • Also articles on:
    • Book Review: Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast: A Field Guide by Peter Del Tredici
    • New Book Among the Ancients by Joan Maloof
    • Conservation Watch
    • “From the Field” photo essays: Mattawoman Bottomlands and Pocono Platea
    • Fall Field Botany Quiz
    • Board of Directors Nominees


  • Volume 2 Issue 1: (PDF, ~2.1 MB)
    • Celebrating the “Year of the Fern”
    • Also articles on:
      • Common Blue Violet (Viola sororia Willd.)
      • Conservation Watch
      • “From the Field” essay


From 2002 - 2008, Marilandica was the occasional numbered scholarly publications of the Maryland Native Plant Society. Beginning in 2009, Marilandica replaced the bi-monthly Native News and is currently published two times a year.


  • Marilandica, Spring 2008 (PDF, ~2,012 KB)
    • Conservation Priorities and Selected Natural Communities of the Upper Anacostia Watershed. Roderick H. Simmons, John M. Parrish, Meghan D. Tice, Mark T. Strong
    • MNPS Field Botany Update, Rod Simmons
    • A Book Review, Walt Sonneville


  • Marilandica, Winter/Spring 2003 (PDF, ~735 KB)
    • Native Plants of Maryland's Eastern Shore. Janet Earickson.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Roderick Simmons, John Parrish, Cris Fleming.
    • Fall Line Magnolia Bogs of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Roderick Simmons and Mark Strong.
    • A Really Sad Farewell!!! Unless.... Bob Grafton.
    • Role of Native Plant Societies in Grassroots Conservation.. Stanwyn G. Shetler.
    • MNPS Magnolia Bog Survey
    • Addendum to "Native Woody Plants of Montgomery County". John Parrish.


  • Marilandica, Summer/Fall 2002 (PDF, ~4087 KB)
    • Native Woody Plants of Montgomery County. John Mills Parrish. List of plants by family, botanical name, state rank/status, occurrence, and where found.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Rod Simmons, Cris Fleming, John Parrish, Jake Hughes. Summary of field surveys of flora at various sites in Maryland.
    • In Search of Another Orchid Species. Joseph F. Metzger, Jr. Discoveries on a plant walk.
    • Just Boil the Seeds. James MacDonald. Improving seed germination by first boiling seeds.
  • Marilandica, Winter/Spring 2002 (PDF, ~3209 KB)
    • Winter Botanizing in Maryland. Meghan D. Tice. Plants that persist through the winter.
    • Restoration of Forests: A Recommended Land Use for Disturbed Areas. W. R. Carter, III.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Rod Simmons, John Parrish, and Cris Fleming.
    • No Place for Nature. Bob DeGroot.
    • On Nature and Human Nature: One Naturalist's Thoughts on Development. Christine Maccabee.

In 2002, the MNPS decided to split the Marilandica into two: Marilandica, containing articles and survey information, and Native News, containing updates on activity around the state and upcoming event information.


  • Marilandica, Summer/Fall 2001 (PDF, ~1217 KB)
    • A Trip to the Wetlands. Janet L. Earickson.
    • Araby Bog: A Globally-Rare Magnolia Bog in Charles County, Maryland. Roderick H. Simmons and Mark T. Strong. Description of the bog and plant survey.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates.


  • Marilandica, Fall 2000 / Winter 2001 (PDF, ~894 KB)
    • The Accokeek Creek Shell-Marl Ravine Forest. Brent Steury.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Rod Simmons.
    • Easy Ferns for the Garden (All Native to Maryland). Joseph F. Metzger, Jr.
    • Earthlings versus Aliens.
    • Invasive Exotic Plant Update.
    • Bull Briar Gelatin. Sam Jones


  • Marilandica, Summer/Fall 1999 (PDF, ~688 KB)
    • Growing, Growing, Gone. Daniel A. Herms.
    • MNPS Field Botany Updates. Roderick Simmons.
    • My Experience with Invasive Exotic Plants. Marc Imlay.
    • American Lotus Observed in Mattawoman Creek. James Long.
    • Return of a Rare Species. Chris Lea.
    • Flora and Atlas Committee Search. Joseph F. Metzger, Jr.
    • The Orion Grassroots Network, Fire & Grit Conference, and Local Volunteer Opportunities. Nancy Adamson.

In Summer 1999, the newsletter was changed from Native News to Marilandica.

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