The Maryland Native Plant Society

The Maryland Native Plant Society

Various Plant Survey Data, Species Lists, and Other Resources about Plants in Maryland and the DC Vicinity

Fleming, Cris. 2010. Piedmont Rarities (PDF, ~29KB) This is a list of plant species not on the Department of Natural Resources list of Rare, Threatened & Endangered Plant Species, but which, in Cris Fleming's experience, are regionally rare or uncommon in Maryland's Piedmont Region (Montgomery, Carroll, Howard, Baltimore & Harford Counties) and the inner Coastal Plain areas near Washington (Prince Georges, Charles & Anne Arundel Counties).

Frye, Christopher T. Undated presentation. Notes on the ecology and distribution of five members of Carex, section Phaestoglochin in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Maryland Department of Natural Resources.,%20section%20Phaestoglochin%20in%20Maryland%20and%20the%20District%20of%20Columbia.pdf.

Jug Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Plants of Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary (PDF, ~143 KB)

Lea, Christopher, and Christopher T. Frye. 2002. Carex (Cyperaceae) in the Potomac River Gorge of Maryland, Virginia, and the Districtof Columbia. Bartonia 61: 93-116.,%20Virginia,%20and%20the%20District%20of%20Columbia.pdf.

Metzger, Joseph Jr. 1995. Maryland Plant Checklist (PDF, ~2.8 MB). Maryland plants by family and binomial name, and their prevalence in the state.

Miller, Elizabeth. 2018. Plants of Cabin John Regional Park (pdf) Montgomery Co, MD, Consolidated List 2014-2017.

Miller, Elizabeth. 2017. Funk's Pond Recreation Area (Conowingo Dam) (pdf), Cecil Co, MD. Plant List from a Maryland Biodiversity Project field trip, April 29, 2017.

Parrish, John. 2002. Rare Flora Threatened by the Inter-County Connector (ICC) (PDF, ~74 KB). Montgomery & Prince George's Counties, MD. The construction of the ICC project caused the loss of many rare and uncommon plants. This document lists rare plants found before the construction in the areas most likely to be affected.

Parrish, John. 2004  Woody Flora of the Diabase (PDF, ~ 107 KB). Woody native plants found in the area of Boyds, Maryland.

Parrish, John. 2002. Native Woody Plants of Montgomery County, Maryland (PDF, ~419 KB). List of the native woody plants found throughout Montgomery County, with notes on their frequency of occurrence and where found.

Parrish, John. 2003. Native Plants of Sligo. These htm web pages list the native plants found in the Sligo Creek Watershed, including their frequency of occurrence, location in the watershed, and notes on their habitats.

Puttock, Christopher. 2012. Oaks of Washington DC and Beyond: What’s Queer about Quercus. Presidential Address to the Botanical Society of Washington, December 4, 2020.,%20D.C.%20and%20Beyond.pdf.

Redman, D. Earl. 2004. Vascular Flora of Loch Raven Watershed, Baltimore County, MD. Published by City of Baltimore Department of Public Works. 119 pages. Detailed plant survey. 

Shetler, S. G. and Orli, S. S. 2000. Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Washington - Baltimore Area Part I Ferns, Fern Allies, Gymnosperms, and Dicotyledons. (pdf) Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History.

Simmons, R.H. and Strong, M.T., Araby Bog (PDF, ~66 KB), Charles County, MD. Description and floral surveys.

Simmons, R.H. 2009. A Survey of Rare Natural Heritage Resources Along Three Trails at Chapman State
Park, Charles County, Maryland
. (PDF 1.7 MB) Prepared for Friends of Chapman State Park.

Simmons, Rod. 2012. Vanishing Flora of Washington and Vicinity: Three Centuries of Botanical Exploration in Alexandria, Virginia. Presentation to the Capital Science Conference 2012.

Simmons, Rod. February 2011. Annals of the City of Alexandria Herbarium: Ancient Outliers of the Fall Line Flora.

Simmons, Rod. July 2011. Annals of the City of Alexandria Herbarium: Small Stream Forests of the Fall Line and Coastal Plain.

Simmons, Rod. 2011. Spring Flowering Native Plants of Washington, D.C. and Vicinity. Presentation by Rod Simmons, Ford Nature Center, March 26, 2011.

Simmons, Roderick. 2016. Vanishing Pine Barrens Communities of the Washington, D. C. Vicinity. Presented at the Maryland Native Plant Society 2016 Annual Conference, 17 Sept 2016, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Available at:,%20D.C.%20Vicinity.pdf.

Simmons, Rod. 2017. Forest Communities and Geology of Washington and Vicinity. Presentation to Friends of Dyke Marsh, Friends of Huntley Meadows Park, Northern Virginia Conservation Trust, Friends of Little Hunting Creek, Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation, and Friends of Mason Neck State Park. May 10, 2017.

(Narrative script to accompany Simmons, 2017, Forest Communities and Geology of Washington and Vicinity:

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