The Maryland Native Plant Society

The Maryland Native Plant Society

RECORDED PROGRAMS and WEBINARS are on our Webinar Recordings page and the MNPS YouTube channel (under Videos)

Handouts and Copies of Presentations from Select Events

Some leaders and speakers have offered to post their lectures and handouts.

Monthly Member Meets

Monthly Program Presentations and Handouts

The National Seed Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration

Chat Transcript

Endangered Pine Barrens Communities of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center, Beltsville, MD with Rod Simmons December 21, 2021

Flora of the Patuxent Research Refuge (pdf)

Human Impacts On Native Plants & Insects: Restoring Biodiversity with Dr. Sara Via MNPS program June 29, 2021

Emerald Ash Borer Update. Colleen Kenny,  Forest Health Planner- MD DNR Forest Service,  MNPS program November 26, 2019

Invisible Connections: Introduction to Parasitic Plants. Dr. Vanessa Beauchamp, Towson University.  MNPS program February 26, 2019. 

Other Program Handouts

Fall 2018 Conference Presentations and Handouts

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