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The Maryland Native Plant Society


Throughout the year, programs are offered in the evening featuring speakers on topics as varied as identification, habitats, landscaping, and stewardship. Many programs include brief business meetings of the society.

    • 10/30/2018
    • 7:30 PM
    • Kensington Library, Kensington, MD

    MNPS chose the Dogbane family, which includes milkweeds, for our theme this year. As we continue learning about the fascinating Apocynaceae, we welcome entomologist Warren E. Steiner who can tell us more about the interactions between these plants and their many associated insects.

    Warren Steiner.
    Warren has served as President of the Entomological Society of Washington (1998) and the Botanical Society of Washington (2005). He has published more than 65 scientific articles in entomology, including the description of a new family of water beetles co-discovered with Paul Spangler, and a recent listing of the “darkling beetles” known to occur in Maryland with historical records from Plummers Island.

    : Kensington Library, 4201 Knowles Ave, Kensington, MD.

    Doors open at 7:00 PM. The program is free and open to the public. Registration is not required.

    • 11/08/2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • Frostburg State University, Compton Science Center, Room 327

    Topic: Mapping Lakota Plants: Spatial Distributions of Culturally Important Plants of the Lakota at Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota 

    Speaker: Ellie Green, Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology MS Student, Frostburg State University

    The prairie is the pantry and the medicine cabinet of the Lakota. Short-grass prairies of the Midwest are the most endangered ecosystems on the planet. Green will discuss several cultural keystone plants of South Dakota and their traditional uses. She will also discuss the history of Wind Cave, the first National Park designated to protect a cave, and the Lakota origin site. This free program will begin promptly at 7:00 pm; the public is welcome to attend.

    Ellie Green is working towards her MS degree in Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology, specializing in ethnobotany and spatial ecology at Frostburg State University. Ellie has a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UMD College Park and is a graduate of Northern High School in Accident, MD. She has worked as a Natural Resource Adviser and Environmental Education Specialist for the Bureau of Land Management in Coos Bay, Oregon and has a research background in neuroscience, agroecology, dendrochronology, and entomology. She hopes to get her PhD in spatial ecology to develop quantitative techniques for land managers to make decisions about sustainable plant harvesting.

    Directions: From I-68 take exit 33 (Braddock Rd & Midlothian Rd exit). Follow Braddock Road approximately 1.3 miles to stop sign. Turn left onto Park Avenue. Drive a short distance and turn left, following signs for the Compton Parking Lot.

    No registration.

    • 11/27/2018
    • 7:30 PM
    • Kensington Library, Kensington, MD

    Speaker: Steve Dryden

    Steve's Rock Creek Songbirds project has focused on restoring habitat for migratory birds in Rock Creek's Piney Branch stream valley for the past five years. Some of you were on his recent walk exploring the sites. Join us to enjoy his slides of this diverse section of the park - some wet spots, some dry; areas where new trees and wildflowers/grasses have been planted, and spots of native diversity that have been protected, allowing a natural "re-greening" of the area. Steve will also speak about the Songbird outreach initiative aimed at the Latino community in the neighborhoods close to Piney Branch.  See Steve's article about Piney Branch and its history in the Spring 2018 issue of Marilandica.

    Doors open at 7:00. At 7:30 there will be a very short Annual Meeting of the Maryland Native Plant Society, at which the results of the election of Directors and Officers for 2019 will be announced. Steve's presentation will follow immediately.

    Location: Kensington Library, 4201 Knowles Ave, Kensington, MD.

    The program is free and open to the public. Registration is not required.

Past Programs

10/11/2018 Western Mountains: October Meeting & Program
09/25/2018 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Naked Mountain, The Delights and Challenges of Owning a Virginia Natural Area Preserve
08/28/2018 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Helping Nature Help Itself
08/06/2018 Western Mountains: Outdoor Activity
07/31/2018 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Milkweeds and Their Communities
07/16/2018 Western Mountains: Outdoor Activity
06/29/2018 Western Mountains: Outdoor Activity
06/26/2018 MNPS Program (Tuesday): The Algae of Maryland: Diversity, Distribution and Environmental Importance
06/08/2018 Western Mountains: Outdoor Activity
05/29/2018 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Ferns in the Natural Landscape
05/12/2018 Mountain Maryland Native Plant Festival
05/07/2018 Western Mountains: Outdoor Activity
04/24/2018 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Spring Wildflowers
04/22/2018 Environmental Concern Celebrates Earth Day at Layton's Chance Winery
04/16/2018 Western Mountains: Outdoor Activity
04/07/2018 Fish Grow On Trees-Wildlife Considerations for Streamside Forest Buffer Plantings (Carroll County)
03/27/2018 MNPS Program (Tuesday): The Limits of Restoration
03/20/2018 Mountain Laurel Garden Club
03/13/2018 Allegany & Garrett Counties' Bird Club
03/08/2018 Western Mountains: March Meeting & Program
02/27/2018 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Dogbanes and Milkweeds
02/08/2018 Western Mountains: February Meeting & Program
01/30/2018 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Life on the Edge
12/03/2017 Water Forum (sponsored by Sierra Club)
11/28/2017 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Members Share and (Short) Annual Meeting
10/24/2017 MNPS Program (Tuesday): The Botanical Society of Washington; Partnering for Plants
09/26/2017 MNPS Program (Tuesday): The Humane Gardener: Nurturing Habitat for Wildlife with author Nancy Lawson
08/29/2017 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Peas of Maryland
08/04/2017 Western Mountains Chapter: Outdoor Activity
07/25/2017 MNPS Program (Tuesday): How Geology Affects Plants: Examples Near Great Falls, MD
06/27/2017 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Transforming the Natural Heritage Plant List
06/08/2017 Hometown Habitat: Lecture & Documentary Film
06/02/2017 Western Mountains Chapter: Outdoor Activity
05/30/2017 MNPS Program (Tuesday): Fabaceae (Pea Family) of Our Region
05/13/2017 Mountain Maryland Native Plant Festival
05/05/2017 Western Mountains Chapter: Outdoor Activity
04/25/2017 MNPS Program: Native orchids - Ecologically interesting and deserving of MNPS support for their conservation
04/23/2017 MNPS Workshop: SERC Flora Project
03/28/2017 MNPS Program: Bringing Back the Grasslands, One Lawn at a Time
02/28/2017 MNPS Program: Vulnerability of Tidal Wetlands to Sea Level Rise (Tuesday)
01/31/2017 MNPS Program: A tale of two vines (Tuesday)
11/29/2016 The Science behind Wild and Designed Plant Communities (Tuesday)
10/28/2016 Additions, Deletions and Re-deletions to the Maryland Flora (Friday)
10/25/2016 Native Medicinal Plants: Cultivation, Conservation and Ethnobotany (Tuesday)
10/18/2016 Western Mountains Chapter: October Meeting & Program
10/01/2016 MNPS Program and Field Trip: Introduction to Native Plants and Visit to Cavano's Perennials (Saturday)
09/27/2016 Documenting Maryland's Flora Through Space and Time: the Norton-Brown Herbarium and the Maryland Plant Atlas
08/30/2016 Native Plant Production Utilizing Seeds of Local Ecotype
07/26/2016 Creating Beautiful Landscapes for Pollinator and Wildlife Habitat: Smithsonian Gardens to Your Front Yard (Tuesday)
06/28/2016 Conifer Diversity in Maryland: Identification and Ecology (Tuesday)
05/31/2016 Update on Wavyleaf Basketgrass: Habitat, Dispersal, Competition and Control (Tuesday)
05/14/2016 Mountain Maryland Native Plant Festival
04/26/2016 Signs of Deer
03/29/2016 Year of the Conifer (Tuesday)
03/17/2016 Native Plants in the Landscape (Thursday)
02/23/2016 Vegetation Dynamics in Serpentine Soil (Tuesday)
01/26/2016 Year of the Conifer- CANCELED DUE TO SNOW AND ICE
11/17/2015 Holiday Social and Members Share Night
10/27/2015 Native Plants of the Mid-Atlantic: Botanical Artists for Education and the Environment
10/20/2015 Western Mts Chapter Program: An Evaluation of Pest and Disease Vulnerability of DC Urban Street Trees
10/17/2015 Western Mts Chapter Program: Ginseng Talk & Fall Foliage Walk
09/29/2015 Ecological Restoration of Invaded Urban Forests
08/25/2015 What's in a Name? Botanical Names Explored
08/18/2015 Western Mountains Chapter Program
07/28/2015 MNPS Program: NatureServe- A Network Approach to Conserving Plants
06/30/2015 MNPS Program: Native and Non-native Vines in Maryland’s Natural Areas
06/16/2015 Woodland Ecosystems Urban Design (Tuesday)
06/13/2015 Bay-Wise and Beautiful Garden Tour (Saturday)
05/26/2015 Non-native invasive insects and diseases: What do they like to eat and attack?
05/07/2015 MNPS Northeast Chapter Program
05/07/2015 Douglas Tallamy- Book Signing and Presentation
04/28/2015 Effects of Non-native Earthworms on Mid-Atlantic Forest Soils
03/31/2015 Statewide Eyes Program: A Citizen Science Contribution to Protecting Maryland Biodiversity
02/24/2015 Year of the Vines
01/27/2015 The Effects of Climate Change on Native Plants
10/28/2014 A Year in Rock Creek Park: the Wild, Wooded Heart of Washington, DC
09/30/2014 Deer Overabundance: Unintended Ecological Consequences
08/26/2014 Herbal Uses for Native Plants - and a few pioneers...
07/29/2014 The Maryland Amphibian Reptile Atlas
06/24/2014 Amelanchier (Shadbush) of the Potomac Gorge
05/27/2014 The Decline of Orchid Populations in the Catoctin Mountains
05/04/2014 Native Plant Palooza
04/29/2014 Maryland Botanical Heritage Work Group Report Highlights
03/25/2014 The Mysterious Biology of Native Orchids
02/25/2014 Maryland Biodiversity Project
01/28/2014 MNPS Monthly Program: Introduction to the Rose Family in Maryland
01/22/2014 Plant Conservation Lecture Series- United States Botanic Garden
11/26/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: Members Share and (Short) Annual Meeting
10/29/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: How Are Mountain Wildflowers and Pollinators Responding to a Changing Climate?
10/22/2013 MNPS Program: Learn about Lupines and Invasive Plants
09/24/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: Challenges of Native Prairie Coastal Restoration
08/27/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: Geology and Natural History of Maryland
07/30/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: Let’s Do Lunch-The Uneasy Relationship Between Ungulates and the Landscapes They Inhabit
06/25/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: From Mountains to Sea: Maryland’s Natural Areas
05/28/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: The Path from Heath to Gardens
05/15/2013 MNPS Program: Native Plant Garden Tour
05/14/2013 Movie Night and "Early-Bird" Walk
04/30/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: Heath Diversity in Maryland
03/26/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: The Ecology of Wavyleaf Basketgrass
02/26/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: Introduction to Maryland's Heaths
01/29/2013 MNPS Monthly Program: Oak Hybrids of Our Region

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